A year has passed since I sketched up the plan to dip my fingers, hands and toes in the realm of diabetes. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a T1D fo’ life, or at least till someone cook up some brew that cure this once and for all. But devoting my time and energy and digging deep in to diabetes on a global scale was not written in the stars, impossible to see coming – atleast for moi. 

Time to sum up what’s been up and down. 

Part of the process of about a diabetic is me feeling my way, trying out new ideas and test my wings. 

I’m sure it’s been somewhat a schizo experience following AAD’s journey but I’m closing in now. 🙂 

Next up is the blog! Da blog, this blog. Don’t make me promise anything about frequency because I will most likely fail on you. If you like it I’ll do more. 

We’ve been staying in Europe so far. Thanks to devoted and generous people the word of about a diabetic is slowly but steady reaching a new audience. 

Autumn for about a diabetic is bubbling with activity and life. We will travel to places far east. Meet diabetics, BIG personalities, culture and stories rich and exciting. 

Diabetes, am I’m on to you? Have I gotten any closer to discover what you’re up to? I’m not sure…

It’s a big big world with a staggering number of diabetics. Diabetics with complications, diabetics that’s living like there’s no tomorrow, optimists that see a full and healthy life ahead, those that keep rockin’ without too much of a hassle and makes it look easy (Emmanuelle from Ep. 3. Of aboutadiabetic.com

But also those that fade away without being heard, millions of voiceless stories gone with the wind. Stories that could carry change, information and awareness. 

If you’re lucky enough to been properly educated about diabetes back home, how do you pay it forward to those who need it the most?
/Alexander Edenwind

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