about a diabetic is a filmseries where I travel around the world to meet and interview diabetics. 

I visit each participant for 24-48 hours, interact observe and interview the diabetic and try to boil down the hours to an episode that you can find on about a diabetic and youtube

In company with my recording equipment I hope to find answers to my own questions along the journey.

What unites and separate diabetics around the world?  Each diabetic is unique, but what about larger groups of individuals? Can we determine patterns among cultures and countries? What can we learn from each other?

Although we are hundreds of millions of diabetics worldwide, diabetes sometimes feels lonely.

Each diabetic brings something new to the table by the variation of what they show and tell. There is no do’s and don’ts, any activity or component are welcome. The participators figure out basic activities beforehand while I create and shape the end result.

The participants are of various age, geographic domicile and diverse background but with a mutual disease. The dynamic selection of participants combined with ever-changing cities, homes and stories creates a mosaic of spirit and motion.

Despite that we carry approximately the same point of reference, it may be hard to pinpoint how diabetes affects you. You are subjective in your everyday life and it can be difficult to direct and express frustration, questions and behavior to both yourself and others.

But what if someone else told your story?