Every contribution – big or small to about a diabetic will help the production run and grow. 

aaD and all its content is free for anyone to view. 

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As of now I’ve done and financed everything by myself, that includes:

  • Filming 
  • Edit film/photo/sound  
  • Producer, scriptwriter
  • Interviewer
  • Planning and preparation
  • Communication twith participators, companies, embassies, etc
  • Everything concerning the Internet, including platforms design, structure, administrate all socialmedia channels like youtube, aboutadiabetic.com, instagram, twitter, 
  • Economy and accounting 
  • Legal issues (e.g. permission to film is a pain in some countries)
  • Traveling (always try to use train, bus boat instead of flying, even though it often cost more and takes x times the amount of traveling time).