about alexander edenwind

Alexander Edenwind, 31 years old and about a diabetic:s papa. Type 1 diabetes has been with me for 14 years.

Sprung from the land of ABBA, IKEA and meatballs. Born and bred in a very safe environment with great social benefits and a wealthy and healthy state. 

Let me just put it this way: If you ever get diabetes, get it in Sweden. At least that’s what I’m told.

The idea behind the project was born in late 2017.

I felt isolated with my diabetes and wanted to find a social format for support. I’m a sucker for documentaries and videos and find great comfort and encouragement from watching others. To my surprise I found nothing on the net that spoke to me about the subject of diabetes.

My privileged medical position as a Swede made me curious. What’s it like in other parts of the world? How do you treat diabetes in the Northern regions of China for example? Diabetes in France, je ne sais pas!

More than anything I was curious about the personal life of other diabetics… To listen and to hear if we shared the same dilemmas and opinions.

What initially began as an idea to visit and interview other diabetics in France (I wanted to learn the language) expanded geographically to Europe and later on the rest of the world.

Since early May 2018 I prepared for the departure in October.

Initially I imagined the project as a mix of photo text and film but quickly released the potential and power of video. The only problem was that I didn’t own a camera, and knew even less about how to operate one. 

With zero background with fiIm I studied the basics of camera, lighting, audio and editing. 

I prepared and searched for possible partipants online, was met with great support and encouraging words; but there was no way of preparing me for what was about to come. 

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